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PostSubject: MU INSTALL GUIDE   Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:01 am

Like a Star @ heaven Does the game crash / closing after loading? Like a Star @ heaven

First of all delete any folder which contains the Overkillmu client inside.

Here's the step:

- Download the game
- disable anti virus
- extract the game
- enable anti virus
- add the overkillmu folder in anti virus exception
(google: how to add folder in exception using )

then follow this 2nd step...

Open Main.exe properties window and change the Compatibility Mode to Windows XP (Service Pack 2) then check the Privilege Level by selecting Run this program as an administrator and then click Apply.

3rd and last step

download this configuration:
mediafire.com download/dhkkvdh8cdd5ttu/Configuration.rar

- extract it anywhere
- open "window mode" folder then double click window mode.
- open "resolution" folder then double click 800x600. (or below)

then try to start the game.

Like a Star @ heaven Does the game detect hack and closing itself? Like a Star @ heaven

Maybe this is due to a false-positive detection of the anti-hack
recently added in the game.

To resolve it please:
- Run it (main.exe) as administrator
- close all program including your browser just open -> login -> select char
before opening other programs again

Like a Star @ heaven Does the game server list won't show after loading? Like a Star @ heaven

I consider it with 2 factors.
1. Internet connection stability (you or server)
2. missing DLL.

i don't have any solution regarding the first factor but on the second one


- click download
- no thanks download it anyway
- install

then try to open your game again.

Like a Star @ heaven How to patch the game Like a Star @ heaven

Please follow this steps.

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PostSubject: Re: MU INSTALL GUIDE   Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:03 am

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