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No hacking, exploiting and using of third party software.
Be respectful to the staff all the time and your fellow players. Make sure you understand our rules & regulations.

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 How to make a Report Players

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PostSubject: How to make a Report Players   Tue Jun 16, 2015 2:21 am

[Reporting Suspicious Players Guidelines]

- Provide screenshot or video of the hacking attempt.
- Provide the character name of the suspicious player when posting.
• Notes:
- Report without enough proof information such screenshot or a video will be closed.
- It is fully recommended to read below to find out our video policy for reporting a hacker.

[Policy about hack reports with video]

- The video MUST be with good quality.
- The video must NOT be edited. Speeded-Up videos will be ignored.
- Do not use HyperCam for recording. We recommend to you to use Camtasia or Fraps.
- At the end of the video you must show your whole equipment.
- In the video must be clearly shown the name of the offender by pressing the key "D" and pointing the cursor on him.
- While doing video (which involves your character fighting) you have to be in party to let us see your HP.
- The video may not be edited in any way,you must provide the video as it is.
- At least 4 kills are necessary in the order to report someone properly. In case of suspicious moves (such as fast skills, characters rotations, jumps) that does not involve the character fighting, we can make an exception.
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How to make a Report Players
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